Education Ain’t The Yardstick To Success - Singer, Chinko Ekun

Nigerian rapper, Chinko Ekun has said that while he feels education is not a fraudulent venture, it is however not the yardstick to success.


According to the rapper, a child needs to be taught how to "catch up with technology and how the world is evolving". Chinko also said that children need to be taught that they can make a living from sports and their talent. 


He tweeted;

Education no be scam but it ain’t the yardstick to success . Two ways to interpret or decipher: A child needs to be learned to catch up with technology and how the world is evolving . A child should be taught that a living can be made via sports , skills , talents and more…


Education ain?t the yardstick to success - Chinko Ekun

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