Hisbah Burns 5,550 Bottles Of Alcohol Worth N3.2M In Jigawa

The Jigawa State Hisbah Command has burned over 5,550 bottles of alcohol worth N3.2million. 


Speaking after the exercise in Kazaure Local Government Area of the state, the head of the Hisbah command in Jigawa, Ibrahim Dahiru, said the alcoholic drinks were intercepted during the command’s ongoing operations. 


"Within weeks we have seized alcoholic drinks totalling 5,550 bottles and cans worth N3.2 million," he said


Dahiru said the exercise was conducted following a court verdict authorising the destruction of the alcohol.


"Islam forbids alcohol consumption and all other intoxicants that can distort the mental capability of humans, thus, the Hisbah is committed to ensuring the good mental health of residents of the state,” Mr Dahiru said.


"In Islam, alcohol is strongly forbidden. The law of the Jigawa State has prohibited the trading and consumption of alcohol,” he said. 


Mr Dahiru said the command will sustain the fight against the immoral act statewide, to ensure the safety and wellness of the residents.


The Local Government Chairman, Muhammad Muktar, who was also present at the burning exercise, commended the Hisbah for the successful operation leading to the seizure of the alcoholic drinks.


He said the council area has earlier acted on the directive of the state’s governor, Muhammad Baduru, to clamp down on the activities of commercial sex workers and raid black spots where alcohol is being traded.


"We are committed to the teachings of Islam that said whoever of you sees wrong being committed, should change it with his hand. If he is unable to do that, then with his tongue, and if he is unable to do that, then with his heart,"  the council chairman said.


Mr Muktar also pledged to empower the Hisbah with additional operation vehicles to make them more effective.


Also, at the event, the Emir of Kazaure, Najib Husseini-Adamu, said the emirate council will always support the Hisbah in dealing with immoral activities in the Emirates.


The Emir was represented by Umar Tafida, who holds the traditional title of ‘Iyan Kazaure’.


Hisbah burns 5,550 bottles of alcohol worth N3.2m in JigawaHisbah burns 5,550 bottles of alcohol worth N3.2m in Jigawa

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