135-Year-Old Granny Dies, Leaves Behind 50 Grandchildren, 292 Great-Grandchildren, 256 Great-Great-Grandchildren

Residents of Kajiado, Kenya are set to celebrate the life of a 135-year-old granny who died on July 4, 2022.

Mosoni Lemoto Turume will be buried on July 16 at her home in Inkiito village, Kajiado West, in what his family describes as a celebration of a life well lived.

According to her family, the mother of 11 who was born in 1887 has no history of going to hospital over any illness and she died peacefully on the fateful day shortly after taking lunch.

They say she has seen her 7th generation while in good health and sound memory.

She is said to have been active and largely involved in communal work until 2010 when she developed sight complications in one eye.

Her sight deteriorated further in 2016 and until her death, her vision was partial but could recognize all of her remaining six children and family members.
“Shosh, as we fondly called her, was an amazing soul. She was a true definition of true love. She had a sharp memory and remembered even his extended family members and neighbours. My best memories are the time we spent together. She not only shared stories but stories with content to learn a lot from. She was a great pillar in our unity as a family,” Roseline Rayz Turume, her granddaughter narrated to K24 Digital.

Mosoni, who is largely known across the Keekonyokie ward thanks to her generosity and effort to unite her family and neighbours, had ugali, meat, and milk as her favourite meal.

Her family says her favourite soft drink was Coca-Cola.
“Our great grandmother did not have any health complications. She had been attending ceremonies, cooking, and doing home chores until 2015. She had a good appetite and liked eating Ugali, meat, and milk. Although she could take other foods like rice, she would insist on taking ugali. She loved us and she was caring and kept tabs to know our well-being as a family. There is no given time you would miss family members gathered at her home just to have a chit-chat with her,” David Tumpes, her great-grandson says.

Her family says she has been participating in elections including the 2017 polls and largely urged residents on the importance of patriotism through voting.

She leaves behind 50 grandchildren, 292 great-grandchildren, and 256 great-great-grandchildren.

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