I Left PDP Because I Don’t Collaborate With Cheats - Segun Oni Responds To Allegations Of Being A 'Notorious Defector'

Social Democratic Party (SDP) governorship candidate in Ekiti, Segun Oni has explained why he left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).


The former Governor of Ekiti gave the explanation while responding to allegations of being a “notorious defector” at a debate organized by Channels TV on Sunday June 12. 


Oni who resigned his membership of the PDP on February 5, days after after failing to secure the party’s ticket, said he left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) because of “cheating”. He said;

“I do not like cheating. I don’t cheating and don’t like people to cheat. If I see a party that has no respect for its own rules, I see it as not my type of party.

“I contested the PDP primary and it was supposed to be a secret ballot and the world saw how it became open to the extent that one man was being shown every ballot.

“I believe if the party meant business, it should have said no. If it aspires to rule Nigeria and put confidence in people, it would have said no.

“I detest cheating and don’t collaborate with cheats.”

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