Indian TV Star Chethana Raj Dies At 21 After Fat Removal Surgery

Indian Television star, Chethana Raj, has passed away at the age of 21 after having fat removal surgery.

The actress was reportedly admitted into a private plastic surgery hospital in Bengaluru, Karnataka, on Monday, but is said to have developed complications as fluid began to accumulate in her lungs.

She later died of a cardiac arrest, after being rushed to another hospital where doctors were unsuccessful in reviving her through CPR.

Chethana had starred in popular Indian TV series Geetha, Doresaani and Olavina Nildana, as well as in Kannada film Havayaami.

According to reports, she had not informed her parents about the surgery and went to Shetty’s Cosmetic Centre with her friends, where unfortunately the surgery did not go to plan.

She was then rushed to Kaade Hospital but died at 6.45pm after suffering a cardiac arrest, despite emergency doctors trying to resuscitate her for 45minutes.

Chethana’s parents are now alleging negligence on part of the surgeons who they claim conducted the operation without proper equipment.

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