'Very Tired And Exhausted' - Queen Elizabeth Reveals How She Felt While Battling COVID-19

The Queen of England has revealed Covid left her "very tired and exhausted".


Queen Elizabeth II, caught the virus earlier this year and despite being 95 has battled and recovered from the virus.

Taking part in a virtual hospital visit on Sunday, April 10, she described her experience to a former virus patient, whose father and brother died with the illness.


During her video call to the Royal London Hospital as it opened the Queen Elizabeth Unit, she told former Covid patient Asef Hussain and his wife Shamina: 


"It [Covid] does leave one very tired and exhausted, doesn't it?"

 "This horrible pandemic. It's not a nice result."

Hussain told the Queen that at one point 500 friends and family from across the world were on a Zoom call praying for her husband. The monarch asked the couple: "So you have a large family, or a large influence on people?"

And referring to the restrictions on people visiting loved ones being treated in hospital at the time, the Queen  said: "Of course not being able to see your relative was very hard."

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