Tinubu Donates N1Billion To LASU For Development Centre

Former Lagos State Governor, Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu yesterday, donated the sum of N1 billion for the establishment of a Centre of Leadership Development at the Lagos State University.

The Lagos State Deputy Governor, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, who represented Tinubu, also delivered the institution’s 25th convocation lecture, titled, ‘Global Trends: The Rightful Place of Nigeria in the World.'

In the lecture, Tinubu asked if Nigerians love each other enough to construct a better political, social and economic home by building a dynamic and firm structure of building blocks never before seen in the country.

According to him, the society cannot thrive in an air of mistrust and acrimony, adding that to flourish, there must be a full understanding that every Nigerian, regardless of place or social circumstance, was equally entitled to the fundamental good things all human beings deserve and desire.

"Let us not befool ourselves. History is patient, yet not forever lenient regarding negligent folly. There comes a time when there is no time. Either action is taken, and the urgent word said or precious chance slips away, lost forever.

“Our nation approaches such a moment. We have boasted of enormous potential for decades, consoling our discomfort by saying that potential will be realised tomorrow. But something disappointing seems to happen when tomorrow becomes today. Years and decades have passed; yet greatness remains elusive. “
He said Nigeria should be among the greatest nations in human history if greatness came merely by speaking of it, but expressed concern that the country remained an economy unjustly designed to export raw material and import increasingly expensive finished products

"We must be truthful enough to acknowledge this lapse, bold enough to correct it, and tolerant enough not to endlessly vilify each other for causing it. We are all both cause and hopefully solution, “Tinubu said, adding that “we must all join hands to reform the nation.”

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