UEFA 'Could Move The Champions League Final' From St Petersburg If Russia Follow Through On The Threat To Invade Ukraine

Union of European Football Associations, UEFA, bosses could be forced to move the Champions League final in St Petersburg if Russia invade Ukraine.


The tournament's final is due to take place at the Gazprom Arena in St Petersburg on May 28, but with the growing tensions, organisers could be forced to find a new venue as Russian president Vladamir Putin pushes ahead with his threat to invade Ukraine.

Wembley could be a possible replacement venue, especially if two English teams make it all the way to the final this year, according to the Daily Star. 


Putin has ordered his troops to enter Ukraine on a 'peacekeeping mission' after he officially recognised the country's eastern regions as independent states.

The move has increased concerns that it will lead to a long-feared Russian invasion of Kyiv. 


Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Putin's decision to recognise the two separatist Ukrainian republics was in breach of international law and an 'ill omen' and 'dark sign' that things are moving in the wrong. 


Meanwhile, UEFA are said to be closely monitoring the situation with a view to drawing up a contingency plan if necessary.

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