America’s Ex-Stripper Joins Congress Race

An ex-stripper from New York left behind her platform shoes for a political platform — running for Congress in Philadelphia’s troubled 3rd District.

Alexandra Hunt, 28, stripped during college “to pay the bills,” she wrote recently in Daily Kos.

And not only is she unapologetic about her former career, she has made it part of her campaign message. Her campaign website offers T-shirts reading “I MAY HAVE DANCED FOR MONEY BUT I’M NO CORPORATE WHORE” and “Elect Hoes.”

Ahe used to fear the “age-old stigma” attached to s3x work, and said she was fired as a girls’ soccer coach when the team found out. But now she’s shouting about it from the rooftops — and hopes to decriminalize s3x work.

“My involvement in s3x work was very dangerous, if I had gone missing, like so many s3x workers do, no one would have known how or where to find me. I began speaking about s3x work and my personal involvement in the industry on the campaign trail,” she wrote.

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