IPOB's Ban On Beef From The North Could Lead To Civil War Or General Unrest - Coalition Of Northern Groups

The Coalition of Northern Groups CNG has described IPOB's ban on cattle supply from the North to the South East as a 'directive blowing the trumpet of war''.


Recall that on January 3, IPOB in a statement released banned the slaughtering and eating of cows from Fulani herders during occasions in the South-East region. The secessionist group also announced the ban on singing of Nigerian national anthem in schools and on eating beef during occasions in the region. The group said these are some of its seven action plans to implement in 2022.

Reacting to this development, the spokesperson for CNG, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, said the CNG was not surprised that IPOB banned the singing of the national anthem in Igboland and transportation of cows to the South-East. He maintained that they foresaw the scenario long ago and in 2017 took bold and necessary steps to address Nigeria on the unfolding developments.


"Today everyone can see that the agitations and disturbances that have been ongoing ceaselessly since around 2015 are systematically being manipulated towards rendering the country practically ungovernable and ushering in anarchy and instability that could portend the breakup of the country. 

We at the CNG are convinced beyond doubt that the resurgence of separatist agitations especially by IPOB and its ilk in the South-East represent a much wider conspiracy to divide Nigeria and the current regime of boycotts announced by IPOB aims to bring the North down on its knees by economic incapacitation and political balkanisation. 

The specific targeting of the North by the ban that inadvertently exposes Northerners to imminent attacks and irreverent treatment is aimed at causing inter-regional crisis possibly leading to a civil war or general unrest.

The economy and commercial health of both sides would suffer the consequences of the boycott."

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