Actor Jack Whitehall Admits Stealing From Hotels, Says He Inherited The Habit From His Mother

Hollywood actor and comedian, Jack Whitehall has admitted stealing from hotels which according to him, was a habit he learnt from his mother.


The 33-year-old funnyman who spoke about his bizarre habit, which he claimed he ‘inherited’ from his mother Hilary, who has been stealing the contents of hotel rooms for decades, said he steals light bulbs and batteries from the TV remote while staying in expensive hotels.

Noting that he has been lucky to earn millions from his successful TV and movie career, the comedian however said he’s unable to stop himself from pocketing stuff from hotels.

He wrote in his new book, How To Survive Family Holidays;

“My mother's ability to strip down a hotel room and steal as many of the contents as possible was learnt from the sensei of such things, her mother, and handed down, generation to generation, and it's definitely something that I have inherited."


The Jungle Cruise star admitted it’s hard to get out of the habit, and will even take bathroom accessories to satisfy his urge to steal. 


Actor Jack Whitehall admits stealing from hotels, says he inherited the habit from his mother


Jack also revealed that his ‘genetic kleptomania’ takes hold of him before he is due to depart the hotel. He added that he looks to make his money back.


He said;

“I even try to rationalise it in my own head - ‘I don't need these items; I'm lucky enough to be in a position where I could easily afford these things.

“I stride into the bathroom thinking, ‘If these b******s are going to charge that much for Pringles and Wi-Fi, those shower curtain rings are coming with me.’”


The actor further disclosed that while he learnt from the best when it comes to snaffling hidden gems from hotel rooms, he opts for the ‘obvious’ choice of taking the toiletries by going one step further.


“And it's not just the obvious items I will go for. I think outside the box; obviously, I take the toiletries.

"But thanks to my mother's influence, I'll take anything. Shower mats, light bulbs, linen, batteries from the television remote.

“I can't help it; it's in my DNA.”

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