'We Can Never Believe The Police, Police Lie' - Black Lives Matter Throw Support Behind Jussie Smollett In His Trial For Allegedly Faking Hate Crime

Black Lives Matter (BLM) leader has strongly come out in defence of Actor, Jussie Smollett as he awaits the verdict in his trial on allegations of faking a hate crime.

According to Black Lives Matter co-founder, Dr Melina Abdullah, Smollett should be acquitted because 'we can never believe police'.

Smollett, 39, is currently on trial in Chicago, is accused of having orchestrated a fake attack on himself in January 2019, then lying to Chicago police about being the victim of an anti-gay, racist hate crime.


Jurors resumed deliberations on Thursday,  December 9, having deliberated for about two hours on Wednesday following a roughly one-week trial. 


Dr Melina Abdullah, said the six men and six women trying Smollett should acquit him.

'It's not about a trial or a verdict decided in a white supremacist charade, it's about how we treat our community when corrupt systems are working to devalue their lives,' wrote Abdullah 'We love you Jussie!'

She said that Smollett should not be on trial, explaining: 'We find ourselves, once again, being forced to put our lives and our value in the hands of judges and juries operating in a system that is designed to oppress us, while continuing to face a corrupt and violent police department, which has proven time and again to have no respect for our lives.'


Abdullah, who is also chair of the Pan-African Studies department at California State University, said that police could never be trusted, and her organization was seeking the dismantling of all police departments. 

'In our commitment to abolition, we can never believe police, especially the Chicago Police Department (CPD) over Jussie Smollett, a Black man who has been courageously present, visible, and vocal in the struggle for Black freedom,' Abdullah said.

'While policing at-large is an irredeemable institution, CPD is notorious for its long and deep history of corruption, racism, and brutality.'

She added: 'Chicago police consistently demonstrate that they are among the worst of the worst. Police lie and Chicago police lie especially.'

Her comments run contrary to what black activist, Reverend Al Sharpton said in February 2019, when reports emerged that Smollett's story was perhaps not what it seemed.


'I, among many others when hearing of the report, said that the reports were horrific and that we should come with all that we can come within law enforcement to find out what happened and the guilty should suffer the maximum,' said the famed civil rights leader.

'I still maintain that. 

'And if it is that Smollett and these gentlemen did in some way perpetuate something that is not true, they ought to face accountability to the maximum.'

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