Newlyweds Plunge 12ft From Giant Swing During Wedding Entrance (Video)

A couple plunged 12ft from a giant swing during their elaborate wedding entrance.


A shocking video shared online captured the moment the couple fell towards the ground at their wedding on Sunday, Dec. 12.

The couple entered the reception in Raipur, in Chhattisgarh in central India, on a circular swing that was hoisted 12ft into the air.


They also had huge firework sparklers behind them.


However, as they were coming in on the swing, something snapped and caused the swing to twist to one side, sending the couple plummeting to the floor as their guests stood shocked.


Newlyweds plunge 12ft from giant swing during wedding entrance (video)


The couple were carried out of the venue.


It's believed the couple sustained minor injuries in the incident, and thankfully were able to continue with the big day half an hour later.


Watch the video below:


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