COVID-19 Is Real And Not Politically Arranged - Kumuyi

General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, William Kumuyi has affirmed that COVID-19 is real. 


Speaking at a media briefing on a six-day crusade organised by the church on Tuesday December 21, the preacher recalled how a pastor of the church became infected with the virus and had to go into isolation.

Kumuyi also reiterated that COVID-19 is not a "politically-arranged thing". He said; 


“From my observation, I know that COVID-19 is real and it’s not fake. It’s not a politically-arranged thing. It’s real.

“We’ve had people who had real COVID-19 situations and they were in isolation. In fact, one of our pastors was about passing on. According to him, he had said his last prayer, because in that isolation, he had seen other people dying. I knew about it and I called him on phone and prayed with him and within one hour, he was completely healed.”

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