Woman Burns Husband’s House Because She Was Locked Out

Bungoma woman in Kenya has been charged for burning her husband’s dwelling house after she was restrained from the gate by the watchman and later taking long at the door knocking persistently before being let in.

While quoting the charge sheet, the court clerk stated that “Esther Mummy Wabisa willingly and unlawfully set two dwelling houses on fire worth Ksh4,821,200 the property of Tanzanian citizens namely Fulgence Gaspe Assenge and Stella Mkafitina Assenga where her husband was renting.”

Explaining the occurrence of events on a fateful day, Wabisa says she landed in Nairobi’s Akila Estate in South C area from her rural home in Bungoma on October 28.

As indicated in the record, Wabisa would visit her husband during school holidays and when the children were around.

She arrived at the estate but was turned away by the guard who asked her to inform her husband about her impromptu visit but she claimed she had called him severally without picking the calls.

Wabisa was forced to jump over the fence in her husband’s compound before attacking him.

She is alleged to have bitten him on the bicep prompting the husband to run to the police station to report the assault case.

It was at that point that Wabisa torched the house.

Fire extinguishers rushed to put off the fire that had razed down the entire house including an adjacent house that was still under renovation.

Police however managed to retrieve a black bag that had a bus ticket from Bungoma to Nairobi dated October 28 which was believed to be that of the accused person.

This led to her arrest and was later on taken to court where she asked for leniency.

The court, having considered all the sentiments, granted her a bond of Ksh1 Million without alternative.

The matter shall be mentioned on November 15.

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