Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Owner’s Grave In Heartbreaking Pictures

Poignant pictures show German shepherd Fero faithfully refusing to leave his owner’s grave since his death a week ago.

Since the loss of his wife some 12 years ago, Omer Guven moved to the district of Kaymakli in the northern Turkish province of Trabzon.

It was there that he began to take care of stray cats and dogs, according to the news site Olay53.

He was widely respected and regarded as an animal lover by the people around him. Omer first began to take care of a German Shepherd puppy 11 years ago, naming it ‘Fero’. The love between the two grew over the years since then.

Unfortunately, on 29th October, Omer became ill and was taken to the hospital, where he passed away at the age of 92. His faithful pooch kept watching over the coffin until the burial the following day.

After attending the burial, Fero has since been lying on its owner’s grave and has refused to budge, frequently rubbing its head in the soil.

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