Knocks As Governor El-Rufai Returns To Twitter To Tweet

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai returned to Twitter to reply to a post on Wednesday and many wondered why.

The Governor like many political holders had abandoned the microblogging site shortly after it was banned in June by the Buhari's led administration.

But Mr El-Rufai shockingly tweeted a response to an admirer’s flattering adulation on Wednesday, in contravention of the ban on Twitter. He then quickly dispatched suggestions that he had circumvented the government’s restraint when a user confronted him with allegations that he had tweeted via a virtual private network, VPN, which many Nigerians had been deploying to beat the ban.

“VPN? Nope……outside Nigeria for a couple of days, so can tweet for the time being….@dexxybaba,” Mr El-Rufai tweeted in response.

Many however insisted even though he was outside Nigeria, he should have still kept to the Twitter ban, knowing the Federal Government’s stand.

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