‘It Is Wrong To Have Married People On BBNaija Show’ - Season 6 Winner, Whitemoney Tells Organisers

After winning the popular TV reality Big Brother Naija show, Whitemoney has now advised organizers of the show, saying it is wrong to have married people feature on the reality show.

He made this known in an interview with Media Room Hub.

Below interpretes Whitemoney’s stand about people who are married featuring on the show.

Q: Most men thinks a lot of women are woke, for instance what happen between Boma and Tega in the Big Brother house that went viral and Tega’s husband took her back with all what we saw in house?

White Money; In that scenario, if you are a married person and you allowed your spouse to go for Big Brother Naija, you two must have a deep understanding, you know what you signed up for but it not easy to watch your spouse with another person, if there was no understanding, she wouldn’t have go in the first place.

Q: There is this debate online after what happened between Tega and Boma that a married couple does have any business in the Big Brother Naija show. What your take on that?

White Money : I think that is right because you don’t want to be the platform that is known for breaking homes, you want to be a platform that uphold integrity and if you watch the history of Big Brother Naija from mercy’s time, you see it is always from street to fame, so you will want to maintain that pace, you don’t want to have scandal, for me if they ask me, I would say they should scrap out married people.

Big Brother you know I love you so much, you made me a star, anything I tell you to do for me, you always do it, Biggie do just one thing for me which is to scrap out married people from the show for the sake of the platform, like this year people said Big Brother taught them a lot of things, I have a lot of elderly people who watches Big Brother Naija this year and it happened that they said it was because of me they watched it, they saw housemates who are co-existing without being toxic. Scrap out married people because not every person are disciplined to resist beautiful ladies, sexy women for more than two months.

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