Queen Elizabeth ‘Missed Church On Sunday After Spending Night In Hospital With Health Scare

Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms missed church on Sunday after reportedly spending a night in the hospital last week.

Her Majesty, 95, who rarely fails to attend church cancelled a two-day trip to Northern Ireland at the last minute last week as she awaited medical test results.

The monarch is still expected to lead the Royal Family at the COP26 summit in Glasgow next Monday as aides insist checks are simply ‘precautionary’.


It’s thought the devout monarch received private prayers with a chaplain inside Windsor Castle on Sunday.


Concerns about her health come after she performed 120 official engagements in 194 days after Prince Philip’s death.

Palace sources told The Sun she is unlikely to be seen this week as she has been told by medics to only carry out light duties.

Royal author Angela Levin is ‘delighted’ the monarch decided against prayers at Windsor’s All Saints Chapel yesterday.


She says it shows she is ‘perhaps ­listening and agreeing to temporarily step back’.

Ms Levin said: ‘She is very religious and it is very important personally for her to go to church every Sunday.


‘But she has to come out of the nice little bubble she has at ­Windsor Castle, get in and out of cars and up and down in the church. It is all exhausting.

‘It is very sensible to give it a miss so she can do more in the future.’
The Queen’s stay at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London on Wednesday was her first overnight stay at a hospital in eight years.


In 2013, she was treated at the same private clinic for gastroenteritis.

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