I Go Dye Speaks On Sudden Sex Tapes Hitting The Entertainment Industry

Comedian, Francis Agoda  also known as I Go Dye has spoken on the s*x tape scandals that recently hit the Nigerian entertainment industry.

According to him, leaked tapes especially by African entertainers are likely to be intentional.

I Go Dye said Africans are generally more reserved in matters of s*x, and many kids have had to live with their parents in a room.

The comedian said, despite this, African children hardly see their parents during their intimate moments.

The comic star, via Instagram, wrote: “The way we are expressly showing our nakedness and s*x tapes as a mistake, is intentional because it’s not a common mistake you can find in Africa parent’s DNA.

“We follow our papa stay for one room, with 10 children. None of us see him yansh one day, am afraid because we are just breeding future p–rn stars,” the comedian wrote.

"When I noticed, I deleted it. People should understand the kind of person I am. I’m a human being.

“I wear my heart on my sleeves. The entertainment industry lifestyle is new to me. Do’s and don’ts choke me.”

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