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Monday, 5 July 2021

Pope Francis Recovering After Colon Operation - Vatican Reveals

Pope Francis, 84, is expected to spend the next week in hospital as he recovers from intestinal surgery, according to the Vatican.


“His Holiness Pope Francis is in good general condition, alert and breathing spontaneously,” Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni told journalists on July 5.


The pope underwent surgery at Rome’s Gemelli Hospital on July 4 to relieve stricture of the colon caused by diverticulitis. The surgery lasted for about three hours and included a hemicolectomy, which is the removal of the left part of the colon.

The procedure was carried out under general anesthesia. Dr. Sergio Alfieri performed the surgery with the assistance of nine other physicians.

Colonic stricture, also called stenosis, is a condition in which part of the large intestine becomes narrower than usual. It can become dangerous if it is too narrow to let food safely pass through.


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