Man Dies Of Rare Monkey-B Virus That Jumped To Humans

A 53-year-old man in China has become only the 22nd human in the world to die from catching the Monkey-B virus.

The man, who worked as a vet, contracted the rare virus while dissecting two dead monkeys in early March.

He started showing symptoms of nausea and vomiting a month later, followed by fever with “neurological symptoms” which may include tingling, according to The Sun.

He was sick for weeks with the disease before dying in May.

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said: “As a result, the patient visited doctor[s] in several hospitals but eventually died on May 27th.”

The man had worked “in an institute specialised in non-human primate breeding and experimental research in Beijing”.

Monkey-B virus, also known as herpes B virus, is transmitted through direct contact and the exchange of bodily fluids between monkeys.

It’s harmless to primates but kills between 70 and 80 per cent of humans infected.

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