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Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Why I Celebrated Nnamdi Kanu’s Arrest Specially – Joe Igbokwe Reveals

Shortly after news of the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), hit social media, an aide to Lagos State governor, Joe Igbokwe shared a photo that had him kneeling with arms raised in celebration of the arrest.

Revealing why he celebrated the news especially, Igbokwe said it was because Nnamdi Kanu had placed a fatwa on him and his children. 

According to him, Nnamdi Kanu asked his boys to behead him anywhere he was found.

In a statement, Tuesday, titled, “THANK GOD I SURVIVED NNAMDI KANU’S MADNESS”, Igbokwe said that aside from himself and his children, Kanu also included on the kill-on-sight list those who speak against his dreamland, Biafra.

It reads, “Nnamdi asked his boys to behead me anywhere they see me. They did not spare my children, as they extended the same fatwa to them. He also did not spare the names of every other person who speaks against his dreamland, Biafra.

“While they were looking for me, I sort the face of God hours on end because I know that to kneel is to win. It was a big battle. Friends were calling me, family members shouted from the rooftop that I should lie low. My Children said I was putting them in constant danger. My wife complained and shouted but when she discovered that I cannot change she resorted to seeking the face of God also.

“My family lived in fear. When they could not get me they resorted to calling my phones to pour invectives. They threatened my children at the drop of a hat. On my Facebook page, the Children of Hate Nnamdi Kanu trained and nurtured for years in abuse and hate, bigotry, primordial sentiments, ethnic preoccupation will come in their thousands to rain abuses with all kinds of unprintable words.

“They cannot even read what you wrote to understand the trajectory. I endured it all. When they noticed that I am not bothered they resorted to propaganda and heckling. First, they said I was jogging in Lagos and collapsed and died.

“Secondly they said I was beaten up in Lagos by IPOB members. Just last week, they came up with the same story that I have beaten up again. In quick succession, they said my house in Nnewi has been burnt down. All these were triggered to weaken my resolve but they do not know me. When I believe in something I hardly give up.

“Now what is my offence? I do not want Biafra and I gave 20 reasons why it cannot stand in the 21st Century. I said that Igbo have not spoken and Nnamdi is a baby to dictate the fate of 40 million Igbo in Nigeria. Nnamdi never liked this. At a time I asked for a debate and he said I am too small to face him.

“Nnamdi carried on with his suicide mission and today I cannot tell the number of young Igbo men that have been wasted in the last one year. In the last two months, hundreds of youths lost their lives in the most gruesome manner. I warned but nobody paid attention. The elders kept quiet for fear of being killed by Nnamdi Kanu’s killer squad. Even the Governors in the South East could not speak for fear of being attacked. Governor Hope Uzodinma who spoke suffered unmitigated disaster and assault. I did videos to warn of the impending danger and they got angrier and dug deeper.

“On Sunday, June 27 2021 Nnamdi Kanu was extradited to Nigeria to give an account of his deadly activities. We are assembling all his videos, all his atrocities, all his verbal assaults on Nigeria and Nigerians, the brutal killing of more than 100 policemen in the South East alone, the burning and destruction of Police stations, breaking of prison gates to set the prisoners free, killing of ordinary Igbo who did not believe in their antics, stealing openly of peoples properties, burning trucks and goods , attacking other Nigerians at the drop of a hat, killing of Gulak in Imo State, illegal possession of arms, formation of IPOB army, ESN etc.

“Nnamdi will tell us a lot in the courts in the days ahead when the chips are down. He has a lot to say. I am just thanking God. It could have been worse but God saved me from Nnamdi Kanu’s leeches. An Endless Alleluia!!!


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