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Friday, 7 May 2021

If A Man Is A Billionaire, Having More Than One Woman Isn’t Being Greedy - Comedian Lil Duval

American comic star and recording artist, Lil Duval has shared a tweet that seems to serve as his reaction to billionaire, Bill Gates and Melinda's divorce saga.


The comedian who asked women if they honestly think billionaires should have only one woman, answered the same question by saying that a billionaire having more than one woman isn’t being greedy.

According to him, the people being selfish are women who can't share a gift their community can benefit from. 


He tweeted; 

Ladies be real, y'all honestly think a billioniare should have one woman?

Ladies y’all looking at it wrong. If a man is a billionaire having more than one woman isn’t being greedy. It’s being considerate of other women that’s neglected. If you ask me you’re the one being selfish and not sharing a gift that your community can benefit from. And y’all know how hard it is to find a straight weathly man outchea. SMH But y’all swear y’all support each other


If a man is a billionaire, having more than one woman isn?t being greedy - Comedian Lil Duval


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