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Monday, 8 March 2021

British Billionaire, Harvey Boulter, Charged With Murder After 'Shooting Employee During Fight Over Daughter-in-law' In Namibia

A 51-year-old British billionaire has been charged with murder after allegedly shooting dead a member of his staff in Namibia. 


Harvey Boulter was arrested at his home after Gerhard van Wyk, 54, was gunned down on February 27 during a scuffle during a barbecue at his farm in Namibia.


The businessman reportedly insulted and threatened Van Wyk’s family with a gun in an argument that erupted after he drunkenly suggested that the 54-year-old's daughter-in-law owed him sex in exchange for a favour. 


When Mr. Van Wyk, who is the manager of Boulter’s 66,000-acre estate, intervened and tried to wrestle the gun off him, he was hit by a single shot and rushed to the nearest hospital about 100 miles from the farm, police said.


However, he died about 18 miles after the vehicle his wife Alta was being driven to Outjo State Hospital, a departure from the grounds.


According to Police, Mr.Boulter was later arrested at his 66,000-acre property and has been charged with murder.    


The argument is said to have broken out as Boulter discussed a plan for Van Wyk's son Gerhard Jr and his wife Liani to build their own home on the billionaire's land. 


British billionaire, Harvey Boulter, charged with murder after


Boulter, described by a source as 'very drunk', allegedly remarked that Liani 'would have to have sex with him every other night to repay the favour'. 


'Gerhard Jr objected to that, they began to argue, Harvey pulled out his weapon and then when his father came to try and get the gun off him, they wrestled and it went off,' the source told The Times. 


Van Wyk, who was the manager of Boulter's property, was taken to a car to be rushed by his wife Alta to the nearest hospital but died about 18 miles into the 100-mile journey, police said.


His  daughter-in-law Liani was allegedly propositioned by Boulter,


Chief Inspector Paavo Iyambo told The Times: 'Harvey apparently insulted Van Wyk's daughter-in-law, became aggressive and threatened the family with a pistol.


'Van Wyk tried to keep the peace, intervened, and tried to take the pistol away from Harvey.'


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