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Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Elderly White Woman Filmed Spitting On Black Caregiver Multiple Times (Video)

A black caregiver filmed the moment an elderly white woman she cares for spat on her multiple times.


In the viral video, the caregiver is seen doing the dishes while the elderly woman stands beside her, chewing something, before spitting at her.


She doesn't stop there but goes on to make threats, asking if the caregiver "wants more". She then chews on what she has in her hand then spits at the caregiver again and again.


She spat at the woman three times in the video.


The video has angered viewers after it was shared online, with people saying the elderly woman knew what she was doing.


Elderly white woman filmed spitting on Black caregiver multiple times (video)


The video has sparked massive outrage on social media as they have condemned the white woman for her inhumane treatment.

Watch the video below.


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