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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Sunday Igboho Puts Estimation Of His Burnt House At N50m

Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a Sunday Igboho today spoke with journalists in Ibadan , Oyo state on how his house was razed and his disappointment in some Yorubas supporting herdsmen. 


Your house got burnt in the early hours of Tuesday; tell us what you know about how it happened?

Around 3:30 am, some of my brothers alerted me that some hoodlums came to my residence shooting sporadically into the air. Shortly after, they set the house on fire. On getting there they had escaped so I called the firefighters to help put out the fire.

What is surprising to me is that I never expected that we Yoruba people should not be in support of the evils being perpetrated by the herdsmen. I am surprised that the Fulani are killing our people in our own territory. They rape and kidnap our people.

It is a terrible thing so I am trying to repel them. But it is shocking to me that despite the efforts that I am making some Yoruba people are supporting Fulani herdsmen to set my house on fire. It is so distressing and it saddens me

Who do you suspect?

For now, I am not suspecting anybody. But Yoruba people would say there is no action without a cause; it is a pointer to the fact that enemies within are at work. Inasmuch as I am their target they should have come to my house to confront me. I would have been able to pin some of them down in order to get to the root of this. They wouldn’t have gone scot-free. Now, they resulted to destroying my property.

What is the rough estimate of items that perished in the inferno?

It would not be less than N50million. 

It was alleged that those who torched the building were not speaking in Yoruba?

I was not at the scene; only those who were would be able to give graphic details. I heard that they came with about six vehicles. I was not at the place when it happened. My aides were also here with me.

Hope no-one got injured in the incident?

My two younger brothers that were around were able to escape.

Have you reported at the station?

I lodged a complaint with the police already. We reported first thing this morning and they came to inspect the premises. 


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