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Friday, 11 December 2020

Usher Raymond Celebrates His Son As He Turns 12

Usher Raymond has taken to his Instagram page to eulogized his son, Naviyd Ely Raymond on his birthday.


Naviyd is the singer's son with Tameka Foster. He turned 12 on Thursday, Dec 10, and his father shared a recent photo of him, alongside heartfelt words.


Usher wrote: 

I love you son with all my heart...YOU are my favorite 12 year old. Bold and bring light to every room your in. You push everybody around you to get with the program....thank you for pushing me to post more. If I’d only listen!! Lol You are thoughtful, you are faithful and I commend you for it. Everything went your way today...why, because you planned and prepared for it. With detail written instruction...the family lawyer, great debater, P I and then some. Singer, dancer, playwrite, “Mr. C & T” My Fellow Thespian!

Continue to know what you want and who you are!! They say kids don’t come with instructions, well they weren’t planning for your arrival...with instruction and a full manual along with floor plan and strategy...that YOU personal wrote!! Luck favors the prepared and you are beyond special to me and all whom love you understand the feeling.

Honoring you “The Good News” this day and many more!!


Usher Raymond pours his heart out as he celebrates his son on his 12th birthday



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