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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Migos Rapper, Quavo Gifts Girlfriend Saweetie A Bentley For Christmas

Migos member, Quavo, 29, bought his rapper girlfriend Saweetie, 26, a Bentley for Christmas.


The rapper was surprised and became motionless when she was presented with the gift. The Bentley gift comes after Saweetie got her first private jet.


Saweetie said on Instagram: "Ay, I don't land at the airport, I land at the Clearport. I got my first motherf*cking jet, I'm hella happy.


"This sh*t hella motherf*cking big, I know that's motherf*cking right!"

It is believed Saweetie didn't exactly buy the jet but is just leasing it on a long-term basis to ease the stress of travel. 


Quavo also announced that his girlfriend has got her first private jet.


He shared a video of Saweetie posing with the jet and wrote, "Her first jet."



He also shared videos showing him surprise Saweetie with a Bentley shortly after she got into her private jet.


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