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Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Ijaw Youths Storm NDDC Office, Demand The Immediate Resignation Of Godswill Akpabio As Minister Of Niger Delta Affairs

Angry Ijaw youths stormed the Niger Delta Development Commission's office on Monday December 21, demanding the immediate resignation of Godswill Akpabio as Minister of Niger Delta Affiars.


The aggrieved youths accused the former Akwa Ibom state governor of bringing his own brother to run the affairs of the commission.


One of the youths who spoke during the protest at the NDDC office said;

We are here in the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs to tell Godswill Akpabio that he did not put his blood for the Ijaw nation or the Niger Delta. We the Ijaw people put our blood and our sweat for the Ministry of Niger Delta to come into play. 

So he cannot undermine the Ijaw people in the Niger Delta who are the largest population in the Niger Delta. He cannot do that. It is unacceptable. That is the reason why we are here in his office to tell him to resign, to leave this office for us. Today is the last day we are giving him to leave this office.

He cannot use the Ministry of the Niger Delta as his child pet. No way. We wouldn't accept that. That is the reason why we are here to make sure he leaves this office today.''


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