Vietnam Factory Caught Washing, ‘Recycling’ And Re-selling Over 300,000 Used Condoms

A factory in Vietnam has been busted for washing and "recycling" thousands of used condoms and then selling them onto unsuspecting customers.

Police swooped on an apartment in the south of the country where they found over 300,000 unlabelled and unpackaged condoms.

The owner of the illicit facility, Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc, said she had washed and then dried the condoms before remolding them on a wooden dildo.

Detectives say the woman received a weekly consignment of condoms from an unidentified person and were then repacked after being processed.

An unknown amount of dirty contraceptives were then sold to unsuspecting members of the public, reports Vietnam Insider. Used condoms are a major risk to the public and can lead to infections as well as s.e.xually transmitted diseases.

Earlier this year it was reported that a slump in condom sales meant that Brits were shying away from s.e.x during the lockdown.

Laxman Narasimhan, the chief of Durex's parent company Reckitt Benckiser, has said that condom sales in most markets across the world, including the UK, have slumped since the pandemic began.

The firm has blamed the poor sales performance on the effect 'stay at home' policies are having on potential customers.

"Intimate occasions are going down and that is a manifestation of anxiety," Mr Narasimhan told the BBC.

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