MKO Abiola's Sons Finally Released By Lagos Police

Kassim and Aliyu Abiola, the two children of the late Nigerian politician and phylantropist, MKO Abiola who were arrested by the police after one of their father's widows, Adebisi allegedly accused them of being the masterminds of the robbery attack in their family home in Lagos weeks ago, have been released.


Though Adebisi has denied being behind her step-sons' arrest, the late politicians' sons secured their freedom after instituting a N100 million lawsuit against the police over violation of their fundamental human right. 


Mike Ozekhome confirmed their release and also disclosed that Lola Abiola-Edewor, first daughter of late businessman, and another relative, signed an undertaking with the police over the bail of the brothers.


The Cable reported that Ozekhome added that four suspects have been charged before a magistrate’s court over the robbery.


He said;

“Yes, they have been released. There was no condition attached to their release because they did not participate in the robbery. 

“Those who are the real suspects have been charged before a magistrate’s court. The only reason they were detained was that the police said they were rude to them. Is that why you detain them for almost two weeks?”

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