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Sunday, 13 September 2020

Female LASTMA Officer To Be Investigated After Seen Assaulting Passenger (Video)

A female officer of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency, LASTMA, is now to be investigated for possible disciplinary action after being seen in a viral video engaging in a fight with a passenger.


According to the agency, the incident occurred at Aromire junction off Awolowo Way, Ikeja on Friday September 11.


The LASTMA official is considered to have overreacted regardless of the circumstances and is expected at the headquarters of the agency on Monday, 14th September.


A tweet shared on LASTMA's official Twitter page read; 

“This video was forwarded to the management and the officer has been invited for investigation and disciplinary action for misrepresenting the agency. The incident occurred at Aromire junction off Awolowo Way, Ikeja yesterday, Friday, 11th September.

"She is considered to have overreacted, regardless of the circumstances. She is expected at the headquarters on Monday, 14th September."


Female LASTMA officer to be investigated for assaulting passenger (video)


Watch the video below..


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