Air Force Two Carrying US Vice President Mike Pence Forced To Make Emergency Landing

American Air Force Two was forced into an emergency landing while carrying the Vice President, Mike Pence.

The plane was forced to return to a New Hampshire airport shortly after taking off for Washington D.C. on Tuesday night. 

According to CNN, the vice president was leaving the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport when the jet hit a bird.

Air Force Two carrying US Vice President Mike Pence forced to make emergency landing


Officials with Manchester-Boston Regional Airport confirmed the incident in a statement, saying: " Air Force 2 experienced a possible bird strike shortly after departure. 

The flight crew contacted the tower and returned to MHT safely. MHT rescue/firefighting were at staging areas per our response protocols. No impact to the airfield, we remain in full operation."

The vice president and his staff ended up flying to Washington D.C on a cargo aircraft that the Secret Service uses to transport his vehicles during his travel.

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