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Monday, 10 August 2020

Bodycam Footage Shows Police Officers Fatally Shooting Man Holding Knife To Hostage's Throat In Salt Lake City

                        Bodycam footage shows police officers fatally shooting man holding knife to hostage

The Salt Lake City Police Department have released body camera footage of two officers that killed a man who appeared to hold a victim at knifepoint in Salt Lake City.


The video shows two officers responding to an altercation between two people at the Smith's grocery store on July 25.


The two officers shot at Andrew Jacob Preece after a worker at the Smith’s Food and Drug at 455 S. 500 East called 911 at 9:20 a.m. to report that two men had stolen some items and were now fighting in the parking lot.


In the 911 call, the store employee told authorities that the men appeared to be intoxicated.


'I think they’re drunk or something. They keep fighting each other in the parking lot,' the employee says 'They can’t even walk straight.'


According to Deseret News, an argument ensued between them while inside and the disagreement continued after they exited into the nearby parking lot.


The body camera footage begins with one officer arriving at the scene and then confronting Preece and another man as they walked on the sidewalk near the grocery store. 


Preece appears to have a knife in one hand while placing the other around the man’s shoulder, who was walking in front of him down the walkway.


“Drop the knife!” the officer yelled.


The officer then threatened to tase Preece and again yelled for him to stop. But Preece refused and instead pulled the man closer to him and put the knife to his throat.


“He’s got a hostage!” the officer said over the radio.


A second officer arrived at the scene and yelled again for Preece to put the knife down. “It’s not worth it!” she yelled, her gun pointed at Preece.


She then fired a shot at Preece, but he continued holding the other man with the knife to his throat. Both officers then fired at Preece multiple times until he fell to the ground.



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