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Friday, 19 June 2020

Warner Records Signs 12-year-old Black Lives Matter Protester After His Viral Song

                                 Warner Records Signs 12-year-old Black Lives Matter Protester
An American record label owned by Warner Music Group (Warner Records), have signed a 12-year-old boy who went viral with his song protesting police killings of African Americans in the US.

Keedron Bryant first posted his acapella gospel song titled "I Just Wanna Live" on his Instagram account on May 26, the day after another African American, George Floyd, was killed by a white policeman in the city of Minneapolis.

Bryant's producer took to Instagram on Thursday to announce that Warner Records has signed him.

Bryant’s song I Just Wanna Live, about his fears growing up as a black man in America, will be released today, June 19, which is the Juneteenth holiday marking the end of slavery in the US.

“Every day I’m being hunted as prey. My people don’t want no trouble,” Bryant sings in the video posted to IG.
Warner Records signs 12-year-old Black Lives Matter protest singer

The original post has been liked over three million times, and was praised by celebrities, including Barack Obama and Katy Perry. It also caught the attention of producer Dem Jointz, who reportedly added music.

Dem Jointz said in an Instagram post Thursday that he was “Thankful” to share the song alongside the Bryant family and Warner Records.

The US music giant will reportedly donate proceeds from the song to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Watch the viral video of Bryant singing 'I just wanna live" below:


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