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Friday, 1 May 2020

Army Arrests 13 Impersonators In Lagos

                     Army arrests 13 impersonators in Lagos
The Nigerian army have arrested no fewer than 13 persons parading themselves as soldiers and using the military uniforms to perpetrate crimes in Lagos in spite of the lockdown order issued by President Buhari over the outbreak of COVID-19.

The suspects were identified an Ebenezer Adeleke, Afolabi Hassan, Allen Afolabi, Daramola Olamide, Akpan Joel, Eze David, Frank Eze, Joseph Okere, Ahmed Ameh and Akpan Emmanuel. 

It was learnt that some of the suspects who were nabbed wearing uniforms with the ranks of Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major and Captain at different parts of Lagos, also forged an Army Provost letterhead for visa application. 

This brings the total number of impersonators arrested in different parts of Lagos during the lockdown period, to 41. 

General Officer Commanding (GOC) Maj.-Gen. Olu Irefin said; 
“You will be shocked at the level they are impersonating the army. Both the Lieutenant and the Major have a photo frame they used to deceive members of public and when you check their internet profile or page they looked real as military personnel.
“They have used provost letterhead to apply for visa but unfortunately they took a wrong channel of applying because we do not do it directly."


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