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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

28-year-old Japanese Sumo Wrestler, Shobushi Dies Of Coronavirus

A 28-year-old Japanese sumo wrestler, Shobushi, has died after contracting Coronavirus, the Japan Sumo Association (JSA) has announced.

The wrestler, whose real name is Kiyotaka Suetake, died from multiple organ failure caused by COVID-19. He is the first in the sport to fall victim to Coronavirus

He had been the first sumo wrestler to test positive for the virus on 10 April, said Kyodo News. His condition quickly worsened and he reportedly entered intensive care nine days later.
"I can only imagine how hard it must have been, battling illness for over a month, but like a wrestler, he endured it bravely and fought the disease until the end," JSA Chairman Hakkaku told Kyodo News.

"I just want him to rest peacefully now."

According to a report by Yomiuri News, around 1,000 members of the JSA will have to undergo a virus antibody test, the first large-scale testing event to be held in the Japanese sporting world.


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