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Thursday, 9 January 2020

Pope Francis Kisses Nun After Asking Her 'Calm Yourself, Promise You Won't Bite?' (Video)

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Roman Catholic leader, Pope Francis, is in the news again, just a week after he was filmed slapping the hands of a woman who grabbed and did not let go of his hands.

Pope in a video seen kissed a nun on the cheek, after jokingly asking her if she won't bite him, seemingly in reference to the incident where his hand was grabbed by a supposed fan last week.

Walking through a large hall on Wednesday before his weekly General Audience, a nun gestured to the pope asking for a kiss, "A kiss, Pope!" She said.
The pope responded with a joke, replying: "You bite!" Calm yourself i'll give you a kiss'
Francis then said "Promise you won't bite?," 
The nun nodded affirmatively and the pope then kissed her on the cheek.

See the Video below.



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