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Sunday, 3 November 2019

‘A stranger once bought me a Range Rover Evoque’ – Nollywood Actress, Etinosa

  Image result for images of ‘A stranger once bought me a Range Rover Evoque’ – EtinosaNigerian movie star cum Instagram comedian, Etinosa has revealed how a certain stranger she didn’t know or ever met recently sent her Range Rover Evoque.
“The craziest thing a fan has done, was when a guy I have never met sent me a Range Rover. I’m not good with cars but I think it’s Evoque. It’s crazy because I didn’t even know him, she said.
Etinosa also spoke about the sex for roles/grades controversy.
“When I was up and coming, I faced a few sex for role situations, but I was never pressured into doing anything, because I was already informed from film school that things like this would happen. No producer has the right to determine your success. So, as an up and coming girl, I was never desperate.


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