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Friday, 28 June 2019

“You should have remained in prison” — Nigerians Slams Naira Marley Over His New Dance/Song Promoting “Masturbation” (Video)

   Image result for images of Naira Marley with his new song
Social media platforms, especially Twitter was agog earlier today Friday, 28 June over the new song released by Naira Marley.

So many users tagged the new song and dance ''soapy'' as a bad influence in a society with a series of bashing on the singer.

The song and dance which seem to portray masturbation — is believed to be how the singer overcame his “lonely” time in prison.
The singer who was in prison for months over allegations of fraud by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) has stirred heavy criticisms because of his new single.
Critics have continued to bash the singer for always glorifying the wrong things in his songs and work — From internet fraud to masturbation.

See video here: 

Below are Nigerians reactions on Twitter:
I’m not surprised about Naira Marley’s new song or dance- which really looks like the display of a moronic earthworm when salt is poured on it.

The chap has been very consistent in proving he has nothing upstairs whatsoever. Surprised?

I’m disappointed that you are surprised.
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Naira Marley is really an irritant to be honest not one of his song I about the right thing. From cyber crime to masturbating. I don’t know how someone will just say I want to sing about useless things alway. Which one be soapy ? Rubbish
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Random Sex/Masturbation

That is the summary of the things actively glorified in all the unfortunate moments I mistakenly hear a Naira Marley song/comment.

He’s a clown who sings for morons.
He has his target audience.

And it’s ok if you are one of them.
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Naira marley's new song is about masturbation.... Were are we heading to??? E for no bad if em stay that prison o
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EFCC : Now your bailbondsman have paid 2 million naira you can go but don't ever sing about internet fraud,ever!

Naira Marley : I don't know what else to sing about what should I sing about?

EFCC: anything else like Soap, 5 alive
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