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Thursday, 30 May 2019

Dad Who Made His Children Have Sex With Him, His Wife, Ex-wife And Dog Gets Jailed For 341 Years In Jail

Dad who made his children have sex with him, his wife, ex-wife and dog gets sentenced to 341 years in jail

A father who spent 12 years forcing his children to have sex with him, his wife, ex-wife and the family dog has been sentenced to 341 years in jail.

Christopher Sena, 52, was sentenced on Tuesday after he sexually abused eight immediate family members and close relatives, then filmed the abuse.

Sena, of Las Vegas, made his victims, who were both male and female, have sex with him, their mother and stepmother while being filmed.

Sena was convicted of 95 sex crimes.

The abuse which went on for over a decade was finally uncovered in September 2014 during a SWAT raid at Sena’s trailer in Nellis Air Force Base. Officials obtained video footage of the sex attacks.

While Sena was handed 60 life terms on Tuesday, Sena's estranged wife Deborah Sena, 53, and his first ex-wife Terrie Sena, 48, were handed life sentences before Tuesday’s hearing. Both women took plea deals which saw them handed a single life sentence for allowing the abuse to happen, and will be eligible for parole in 10 years.


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