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Monday, 15 April 2019

US Visa Experts Meet Nigerian Investors Over Green Card

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A team of experts in  (US) visa for investors will be in Nigeria to meet Nigerian investors wishing to migrate to the US through green card.

The experts will address intending migrants at a seminar being organized by Brandleys International Nigeria Limited (BIL) in Lagos later this month. It is being held in conjunction with the US-based MCFI.
The seminar, which will hold at the Sheraton Hotels, Ikeja, Lagos on April 27 and 28, will focus mainly on EB-5 US visa. They will, however, educate and answer participants’ questions on other types of US visa.
Topic; ‘Engaging the Experts,’ the seminar intends to service individuals or families who are seriously looking to relocate to the US under the EB-5 visa program.
The Chief Executive Officer, BIL, Mr. Idowu Olumide, said: “We also intend to use the same seminar to educate interested persons or groups who do not meet the EB-5 visa programme but will like to know other forms of immigration by investment or business investors such as other E-classes E1, E2 etc and their differences.
“The second day of the event will be dedicated to those who wish to know more about other ordinary or regular visas such as B1 & B2. They also have the option of knowing about EB-5 Visa and become an agent.”
According to him, MCFI founded the first federally designated EB-5 regional center in the State of Maryland with additional approved geographic areas of Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. “Since then, we have expanded into other regions across the country.” He disclosed.
Olumide added: “MCFI assists foreign investors to take advantage of the EB-5 investment immigration program which helps them direct their assets towards sound investments and earn a permanent green card in the process. MCFI has a stellar track record of 100 percent I-526 approval, 100 percent I-829 approval and 100 percent track record of returning the investors $500,000 capital investment back to them.”
Leading the experts to Nigeria are the President of MCFI Lawrence Chang and the company’s Executive Sire tor Christian Dorsey.


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