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Monday, 28 January 2019

Chris Gronkowski Says his Little Brother, Rob has Doubled his Home Security and so Thieves Can't Break in

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Big brother, Chris Gronkowski says there's no way in hell that a thief would break into their home next week because his brother, Rob Gronkowski has doubled up the security in his home.

Chris says the reason Rob's Boston-area pad was broken into last year was because some of Gronk's roommates forgot to set the alarm.
But, Chris tells TMZ that mistake won't happen again ... and even if it does, Gronk's beefed up his security with a brand-new camera system.
"That place will be on lockdown for sure now."
Remember when a bunch of jerks burglarized Rob Gronkowski's home while he was playing in the Super Bowl last season??
Well, the 3 guys who broke into Rob's place last season and stole an Apple Watch, a Rolex, 2 rare coins and multiple firearms -- were all caught and arrested.


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