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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Woman Revealed she Slept in a Room With her 15-Year-Old DEAD SON who Died From Cancer

 Kay, with Tyler as a young child, spent time with her son in the Butterfly suite

LIKE any grieving mother, Kay Aitken could hardly bear to say goodbye to the son whose life had been so cruelly taken by cancer at the age of just 15.

"Part of you can’t accept that it’s real," she tells Sun Online. "I didn’t want to let him go." And for a couple of precious days, she didn't have to.
While Kay's son Tyler died in a hospital bed, he was then taken to Haven House Children’s Hospice where his body was laid in a serene room bedecked with fairy lights and tranquil paintings.
Called the Butterfly Suite, the specially-cooled room has been designed to allow parents the time and space to say the most final of goodbyes.
And it was there that, following Tyler’s death in March 2016, Kay spent two days lying alongside her dead son, holding his hand and talking through memories of their life together.
She’s just one of dozens of grieving mums who have used this poignant, heart-breaking service.
"It was a beautiful experience and a very precious time," she says now.
 Kay spent two days lying next to her son after he passed away, something that helped her grieve
"A lot of his friends came to the Butterfly Suite to see him and say their goodbyes too," she says.
"If they were frightened they didn’t show it. There was no hesitancy. They just came and talked to him and told him how much they would miss him."
Kay, from Forest Gate, became aware of the work of Haven House after her previously fit and healthy teenager was diagnosed with osteosarcoma - a cancer of the bone - just two years ago.
He underwent three rounds of chemotherapy and an operation - and visited the hospice for rehabilitation and music therapy.
By early 2016 however, doctors told him his cancer was terminal.
 Tyler was just 15 when he passed away
"For so long we never thought we would lose him but it got to the point where nothing else could be done," Kay recalls. "It was utterly devastating."
He passed away surrounded by family and, the day after, was taken by ambulance to the Butterfly Suite, which was decorated with fairy lights and some of Tyler’s favourite Star Wars toys.
"It looked beautiful," Kay recalls. "And it was lovely that we were able to make it our own."
Kay stayed there for two nights, while friends and family members came and went.
"I could have stayed there for ever," Kay says now.
"It helped me say goodbye. The staff at the Royal Marsden, where he died, were amazing but hospitals are a much more clinical environment.
"And while throughout Tyler’s illness I’d been with him 24 hours a day, by the end there were so many visitors that I just wanted to have him to myself again.
"There was so much love in that room."


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