World's Hottest Grandma Posts Yet Another Nude Picture on her Instagram After her Nude Picture ban

The World's Hottest Grandma is refusing to back down after having one of her raunchy photos banned from Instagram.

On Friday, a defiant Gina Stewart returned to Instagram to share a topless image of herself wearing nothing but a lacy G-string.
The 48-year-old then took a stab at the social media giant with a sarcastic caption.
'Regarding the Instagram photo ban, what do you think? Is this okay? It’s not too hot for Instagram..... right?' she asked her 110,000 followers.
'Kim Kardashian's posts are way more risky thank yours by far and Instagram never took hers down,' one person wrote.
Another commented: 'Too many beautiful and confident women are not being allowed to express themselves lately on Instagram.'

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