Marvel Studios has Released News of the Stars That are Never Returning to AVENGERS

Finger, toes, twigs and antennas (for Groot and Mantis) are crossed right now that some of the shocking deaths for Avengers 3 can somehow be reversed.

Surely all those major characters can't be dead and gone forever?
We have a long wait until Avengers 4 reveals all in April next year but the Marvel filmmakers have just bluntly revealed one characters who is never coming back.
Marvel and DC have generally been one of the only movie franchises where the villains are less fun and less memorable than the heroes. Until Thanos, that is.
One British actor recently helped changed that in one of his first major on screen appearances as himself, rather than a twisted hobbit, ape or intergalactic warlord.
Yes, we are referring to Andy Serkis, who exploded on the screen in two MCU movies as the utterly evil and utterly entertaining arms dealer Ulysses Klaw.
He was killed in Black Panther just as he was hitting his stride. At the time Serkis left a little hope open: "I've had a tough year. I lost Caesar, I lost Snoke, and now I've lost Klaw. I am franchise free. I'm gutted, actually. I would've loved to go on, but who knows? Who knows..."
Sadly, now we do know.
Black Panther executive producer Nate Moore shared the bad news: "He's actually dead. He's dead, dead. Which I think, honestly, was part of the sell for Andy in going, 'Oh, I get to play this character that gets to sort of shine very brightly and burn out quickly. Well, that's kind of fun.'"

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