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Monday, 23 April 2018

Rihanna Confirms Starting a Lingerie Line Soon, and One Fan has Debuted Rihanna a Legend After Spotting Something Odd

From good music, to lip paints, to slides, to body glitters, Rihanna is sure to be a very successful businesswoman, ensuring her name stays on everyone's lips, for one reason or the other.

And now she has confirmed that she has a lingeria brand coming soon, great news, it has been only but rumours since around March.
She has teased Twitter with the caption “didn’t they tell you?” She also took to Instagram to post a cryptic teaser video with the words “SAVAGE” and “FENTY” interspersed with images of women in baby pink lingerie. 
It had a caption that says: “We bout to light this up sis!!🔥 ... introducing @SAVAGEXFENTY lingerie coming soon. sign up now at !!”
If you clicked the link, its going to take you to the site, and then ask you to enter in your bra size (up to a double D cup), underwear size, and your birthday.
People are praising  RiRi for putting this up, and also for cutting across different sizes.
With fans showering praises on the legend for putting up the lingerie line, a fan has came to agree that she is really a legend, because Although she ( Rihanna) has refused to wear bra for ages, she is setting up a lingerie brand that is going to be successful:
'Rihanna is a legend for starting a lingerie company to sell us bras after a lifetime of refusing to wear a bra'
'Just signed up for Savage. She had my lil size listed. Rihanna, I feel seen' Another said.
'yes i’m broke. yes i’m about to give all my money to rihanna in exchange for fenty lingerie. we exist'.
'i can’t wait to listen to bitch better have my money in my fenty lingerie whilst looking in my mirror applying stunna lip paint after bathing my body in fenty body glitter'

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  1. Anonymous4/12/2020

    ’ „Whatever in my song doth reach the heart
    And find an echo there, I owe to one,
    And one alone! No image undefin’d
    Hover’d before my soul, approaching now
    In radiant glory, to retire again.
    I have myself, with mine own eyes, beheld
    The type of every virtue, every grace…“