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Mesut Ozil Marries 2014 Miss Turkey Amine Gulse In Glamorous Istanbul Ceremony (Photos)

Arsenal midfielder, Mesut Ozil has married his partner Amine Gulse at a glamorous wedding ceremony which took place today in Istanbul, Turkey.

Rihanna Arrives Her Hometown In Barbados After A Visually Impaired Woman Sued Her Fenty Beauty Brand (Photos)Church

Barbadian singer, Robyn Rihanna Fenty who is simply known as Rihanna showed off her stunning look as she made a trip to her hometown of Bridgetown, Barbados on Thursday.

Update: LASTMA Official Beats Up A Lady At Fagba Roundabout Agege Lagos

The lady beaten up by a LASTMA official controlling traffic at Fagba roundabout, Iju Ifako area of Lagos State has been identified as Folashade Salami, a 30-year-old.

Tearful Story of how a Young Man Found his Mum Washing Plates for #250 to Sponsor his EducationThe US

A young man identified as Legendary Soul on Twitter has shared a very touching story of himself when he was younger.

Australian Author Who Suddenly Became Mute For 12 Years Finds Out It Was Because She Accidentally Swallowed A Coin

Marie McCreadie, an author who suddenly became mute when she was 13 years old, discovered 12 years later that it was because she accidentally swallowed a coin without knowing about it.

Friday, 30 June 2017

Nigeria’s Strength Lies in its Diversity, Says U.S. Ambassador

United States Ambassador in Nigeria, Stuart Symington, Has said on Thursday that Nigeria possessed the capacity to face and overcome challenges in its drive to attain nationhood, Premiumtimes report.
Mr. Symington who was speaking in Abuja at a cocktail party hosted to celebrate the 241st anniversary of the independence of the United States of America in Abuja.
Citing some of the difficulties the United States faced in her political history to preserve its union, the ambassador said Nigeria’s current challenges were similar to the U.S., pointing out that its strength as a nation was in its diversity.
Attributing the U.S.’ success in overcoming its challenges to the resilience of visionary leaders and citizens committed to ensuring justice for all, he said Nigeria possessed similar qualities to see the country through its challenges.
“Today, Nigeria is fortunate to have such leaders and citizens. Together they are dedicated to keeping Nigeria United and just, and to ensure every Nigerian is heard and taken into account and treated fairly,” Mr. Symington said.
The ambassador said United States and Nigeria shared close commonality, in terms of an “incredible diversity” in their politics and culture, adding that throughout the history of the U.S., the diversity the country prized and shared with Nigerians had been a source of tension, and sometimes, a challenge to its union.
Just like the United States, he said Nigeria was a wonderfully diverse nation, whose differences and diversity were sources of strength and reason for pride.
“Whenever I meet a Nigerian, I ask, ‘What do you like the most about your country?’ The invariable reply, from more than a thousand Nigerians, is, ‘I like the Nigerian people.’ I like our diversity, our resilience, our energy, our warmth, our spirit, our food…,” Mr. Symington told his guests.
Since his arrival in Nigeria, he said he has had the opportunity to confirm how much Americans shared with Nigerians, saying both have shared families’ friends, interests and principles.
“We share families, friends, interests, and principles. All across this land, from Birnin Kebbi to Calabar, from Maiduguri to Badagry, Nigerians have welcomed me warmly and showed me the wonders of this country and its people.
“In almost every place, I have also met Americans whose lives are dedicated to their work with and for Nigerians,” the Ambassador said.
“Private sector employees and public servants alike, they work here in business and IT, agriculture and energy, health and education and civil society and justice, and they work to conserve Nigeria’s iconic natural beauty and stunning biodiversity.”
Recalling the warning by George Washington, one of America’s founding fathers, Mr. Symington said he had spoken of those who sought to weaken and defeat the country and would first attack the unity of government, while Abraham Lincoln made the preservation of the union his life’s work.
He said the most important thing today has been the relationship of the two countries’ governments, saying the last presidential elections in Nigeria sent a profound message around the world and Africa that nations were better when they were directed by the decisions of their citizens.
“It was the election that showed Nigeria’s direction to work on health and job creation. All what this is telling us in America is that we will not have a better partnership in the world than the people of Nigeria,” he said.

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OMG!!!; Evans Demand N300 Million From NPF, Lagos Police Boss And Others for illegal Detention.

Kidnap king, Evans, has for the second day, sued the Inspector General of Police, and three others before a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos, claiming N300million as damages over his alleged illegal detention.

This came as Police authorities re-emphasised that they had obtained an order from a Federal High Court in Abuja to hold onto him for three months, to allow them conclude investigations into several cases of kidnapping, robberies and murder against the suspect.

Meanwhile, Evans in the new motion filed yesterday, is claiming the sum of N300 million as general and exemplary damages against the Police for alleged illegal detention and unconstitutional media trial.

Respondents in his new motion are the Nigeria Police Force, Commissioner of Police Lagos State, and the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Lagos State Police Command.

It will be recalled Earlier that MightyceeBlog report that Evans had on June 28, filed an ex-parte application numbered FHC/L/CS/1012/2017, before the same court, seeking an order directing the respondents to charge him to court or let him go.


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I’m Ready to Pay His Huge Bride Price Back to Secure my Freedom, Wife Begs Court.

A 33-year-old Seliat Abeeb, on Thursday in Omu-Aran, Kwara, offered to
pay the bride price of N120, 000 demanded by her husband as a condition for dissolving their five-year-old marriage.
Seliat, who lives at Ago Olushola area in Otun, had on June 14 approached an Omu-Aran Area Court, seeking the dissolution of her marriage to Abeeb.
According to NAN reports the money represents her bride price and other expenses incurred on Seliat as claimed by Abeeb for the period their union lasted.
Seliat had in her petition told the court that she was no longer interested in the union that had yet to produce any child.
“I was forced to marry him against my will. I know quite well that my husband had spent some money on me.
“I am ready to pay the N120, 000 he demanded as condition for my release. He cannot use the huge amount to deter me from leaving.
“I am no longer interested in the union,” the estranged wife told the court.
Abeeb had earlier pleaded with the court to assist in reconciling him with his wife, a move Seliat resisted from happening.
He, however, demanded N120, 000 as a precondition for her release.
“Since she is bent on leaving and having spent so much on her and her family, she should pay the stated amount to secure her release,” Abeeb insisted.
The judge, Mr Abolade Banigbe, in his ruling, said the court did its best to pacify Seliat but to no avail.
“We have no option than to dissolve the union.
“The case was earlier adjourned for settlement among the parties, but with the turn of event, the court has no option than to dissolve the marriage.
“I have tried my best in this circumstance to see that the couple remain one, but the woman stood her grounds.
“The union between them cease to exist from now,” Banigbe declared.
Banigbe, however, awarded the sum of N50, 000 to be paid to Abeeb as against the N120, 000 he demanded.
Source; NAN

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Buhari Health; Fayose is Just A Cheap talkative, Rochas Blast Fayose.

Imo State governor and chairman of the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF), Rochas Okorocha, made up of governors elected on the ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, of heating up the polity, TheSun report.

The Ekiti state governor had said that President Muhammadu Buhari has been on life support since June 6 at West End hospital in London, United Kingdom.
But Okorocha flayed him for engaging in “cheap talk” and “statement of hate.”
The governor who spoke in response to questions from State House Correspondents, yesterday, accused Fayose of going against Nigeria’s tradition and culture by wishing the president dead, instead of praying for him and wishing him well.
“I want to advise that this is what many great nations of the world have passed through before getting to their point of greatness and Nigeria will not be an exemption.
“We must see this time as a trying period for Nigeria and by the grace of God, we shall overcome. So, this is the time to preach love, this is the time to love one another, this is the time to embrace one another, this is the time to preach peace, especially in more of the things that unite us as a people and talk, not at all the things that will divide us.
“And this called to question a statement created to governor Fayose, over the health of Mr. President.
“I want to advise that Fayose’s statement should not be regarded. It was baseless and there was no substance for that information. What he said was not right, it was uncalled for and that is simply heating up the polity.
“In our culture and tradition, we do not play politics with people’s lives and anybody can be sick, anybody can be in hospital and so, making such categorical statement, which is unfounded, that Mr. President is on life support, is, to the best of my knowledge, a statement of hate.
“That is cheap talk and Nigerians should not regard it. What we should do right now is to pray for Mr. President and wish him well. Even as he is sick out there, many people have been sick in Nigeria, so, we should not politicise this and play politics with people’s lives and try to create hate and confusion in the system…
“I think that has become Fayose’s style of talk and Nigerians must never take those kind of talk serious because it is capable of creating confusion in the system.”
The Governor maintained that Buhari’s absence has not created any vacuum as Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, was constitutionally carrying out the functions of the president, adding that there was no cause for alarm.
“So, that statement is a call for concern. I do not know if he spoke from the point of view of being the chairman of the PDP Governors Forum or he spoke as a person or as a governor. I do not understand but, whatever it was, people must disregard this statement.
“We are not in campaign mode any more. President Muhammadu Buhari suffered a lot of hate campaign when he was running for president. First, his health should be left only for God to decide, it is not for man to decide his fate.
On that note I appeal that everyone should disregard that statement. Mr. President will soon be back to commence daily duties.”
Asked if Fayose’s call was not genuine, Okorocha replied, “Well, I have just said that even the speculation he is making is wrong, it is unfounded. And if anybody is to speak about the President’s health, Fayose does not have the qualifications to speak for the nation on whether Mr. President should resign or stay. It is not in our culture, it is not in our tradition. We sympathise with those who go through pains of ill-health; at that time, we don’t wish them dead. We wish them well. And Mr. President’s office is properly taken care of by Mr. Acting President of Nigeria until Mr. President comes back home and continues his work and finish his term. But to say he should resign is cheap talk and does not make sense in anyway.”
When asked if he didn’t deem it necessary for the presidency to be accountable to Nigerians since  Buhari was being treated with tax payers money, Okorocha replied: “Well, let me say to you that if there is an announcement that President Buhari today lacks money to treat himself abroad, believe me, more than 20 million Nigerians will contribute for his health. So, this is neither here nor there. You must understand what he represents and who he is.
“President Buhari naturally does not lack funds, he has never owned funds himself but people supports him if the need be. He lives for the people. He does not live for himself. Bihar must be seen as a great Nigerian who has made sacrifice in many ramifications. You can see that from his family, you can see that from his children. He is not a man of wealth neither does he discuss it. Anytime he needs money, I’m sure millions of Nigerians will contribute even if it is one-one kobo. So, it’s neither here nor there talking about using national resources. He is the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and we must honour our president, not just because of him, that office belongs to all of us.
“It is very funny when people try to bring down the Office of the President thinking that they are bringing down Buhari. There are two different issue- there is the presidency and there is the person of Buhari, but when it has to do with Nigeria’s presidency it concerns all of us. And we will take it out on any nation that insults our president. We can forgive anybody that insults Muhammadu Buhari as an individual but the presidency of Nigeria is sacred and we must protect it. That is the altar ego of the nation and we must protect it. That is what great people and great nation do.
“So, on that note, I will say that is not an issue for discussion at all.”

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

MightyCeeBlog; Bobrisky Hit at Instagram User Who Insulted Him ( Photo )

Nigerian male Barbie, Bobrisky, has taken to his Instagram page to upload a photo of one of his haters and insulted the hell out of her.
Here is his tweet on his twitter handle; Firstly u idiot don’t worth uploading u on my page. But i uploaded u intentionally for some of ur family member to see how stupid and foolish u are. U are insulting me pls have u look ðŸ‘€ at d Mirrow to see how ugly u look ? No I’m sure u haven’t. So am giving u an assignments now dear, go watch YouTube how to draw a perfect eye brows and fix ur fat lips ðŸ‘„ den u can come face d baddest. Cos ur brows is annoying dis one is crossing each other like cross country motors park I don’t understand. Thanks ðŸ™ðŸ»

Shakira, Pique And Other Stars Set for Messi’s Wedding On Friday

Footballers and showbiz stars has gather in Argentina on Friday for Latin America’s celebrity wedding bash of the decade when Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi marries his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo.

Pop star Shakira and her husband, Messi’s teammate Pique, are expected among the 260 guests, according to media report.

They will join old friends of the couple and footballers such as his Barcelona strike partners Luis Suarez and Neymar.

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Older People Should Retire Early to Reduce Youth Unemployment, Says Pope

Pope Francis on Wednesday, in a renewed call for social justice, said that older people should be made to work less or retire early to create employment for younger generations. 

“There is an urgency for a new human social pact, a new social pact for work that should reduce working hours for those at the end of their working lives, to create work for the young, who have a right and a duty to work,’’ Francis said, LeadersNG report.

Speaking during an audience with Catholic-linked Italian trade union CISL, Francis said that “a society that forces old people to work for too long and forces an entire generation of young people not work is stupid and short-sighted’’.

Francis, who is 80, also criticised so-called “golden pensions,’’ which granted generous payments to selected categories of Italian workers, and said work must be accompanied by a “healthy culture of leisure which is not laziness, but a human necessity.’’ 

A critic of capitalist excess, the pope has often decried Europe’s youth unemployment crisis, saying it discourages young people from starting a family.

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Association of Landlords And Tenants in FCT Protest Outrageous Electricity Bills.

Landlords And Tenants, Residents Association (LATRA) of Aku and AMAC Estates in Lugbe, FCT on Wednesday staged a peaceful protest over high estimated electricity bills by the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC), TheNation report.

The protesters numbering over 30, comprised of elderly men, women and youths from both estates besieged the headquarters of the AEDC in Abuja to register their grievances over the non-supply of electricity to the area and high estimation bills.
The protesters, who were carrying placards with different inscriptions which read; “AEDC give us light, “we are tired of estimation billing’’ “stop billing us on estimation,’’ “give us our meters“ among other inscriptions vented their anger through different songs.
Mr Mukoro Samson, the Chairman of LATRA,  Aku Estate told newsmen that residents of the estate had not be supplied electricity for one month.
According to him, in a bid to help the distribution company, residents contributed money to buy a dedicated transformer, cable and pole for the estate.
He said that the residents had also written to AEDC with over 200 signatories, notifying the company of the epileptic power supply, high estimation bills and non-metering of many of the customers.
Samson said regrettably, the company refused to head to any of their complaints.
According to him, the economic consequences have become unbearable on their families, given the expenditure incurred on running generators.
“The economic consequence is unbearable on our families and our pockets, the little salary we collect all goes to purchasing fuel in order to get light in our estate and that is why we are here to register our grievances.
“We have been to their office at airport road, they have been trying their best possible, but their best possible had not be able to give us light.
“As far as we are concern in the estate, they have done nothing to ameliorate our suffering as regards light in AMAC and Aku estates.
“The charges are outrageous, for two bedroom flats they give us bill of about N12,000 monthly.
“Even if you are occupying a self-contain apartment, it is the same thing they give and it is unbearable, unheard of without light, if the light is there we will not complain’’.
He said in spite of the huge estimation bills, some little villages and communities around the estates enjoy more electricity than the estates, this he said was unacceptable.
Samson said it was important that the company stopped the high estimation and meter residents of the estate.
“From today, we are demanding that we be metered, and reconnect us to the airport dedicated line where we were formally connected.’’
He said that very few consumers had been metered in the estates, in spite of the payment made by some customers for meter under the CAPMI scheme.
“Not up to five per cent of the residents have been metered, some people like myself paid for four meters, but was given only one.
“As we speak, the three other meters are nowhere to be found, most of us paid and they also promise that they will give us free meters, but we have not seen anything, even the one we paid for.
“Our demand from today is that we don’t want to see any AEDC official on our pole or disconnecting our light from today henceforth.
“We want to warn the authorities of AEDC that if we see any of their staff in our estate until we are metered and power supply to the estate is restored.
Another customer in the estate, Mr Ekemelu Nnoli said that it was unfortunate that the company had not responded to their complaints.
He said it was wrong for any company to treat its customers with levity when there was a complaint from the consumers.
Nnoli said that he had been disconnected severally in spite having paid his electricity bills.
According to him, all the payments he made has never been reflected, hence the bill keeps running.
He expressed worry over the refusal of AEDC to address the complaint of customers, this he said was unacceptable.
“Is it because you guys are running a monopoly, it is not done anywhere, please restore this light, we are tired of this, we cannot take this anymore, give us our light, we paid for it.’’
A resident of AMAC, Mr Samson Chollom also corroborated the same experience by other residents.
According to him, he pays between N14,000 and N15,000 monthly on estimation for a two bedroom flat.
He called on the company to provide prepaid meter for him and stop billing him on estimation.
“I am not owing and there is no light, please give me meter even if I don’t have  light, I will not complain, but  let me  know what I consume,’’ `he said.
Addressing the protesters, the Head of Corporate Communication of AEDC, Mr Oyebode Fadipe, said that the issue of estimated billing admittedly was vexatious one, applicable to all distribution companies in the country.
He said that the metering gap in the country was more than five million, noting that the metering gap could not be covered overnight.
“It takes a little bit of process, even if you have all the meters in the country today, it will still take a bit of time to make sure that all your customers are metered.
“So, for some time to come, estimated billing is going to be a part of the power sector in this country.
“But the issue is that we are not folding our hands and celebrating estimated billing.’’
He said that 50 per cent of AEDC revenue was being lost on estimated billing, noting that the company was working hard to meter its customers.
“But as a company, we are ensuring that we fulfil our mandate of at least 120,000 meters annually that is a project we are doing.
“As I speak to you now, we have two vendors that are supplying us, Mojeck is one of the local vendors, so we are metering customers, but unfortunately the pace at which we are metering them is not the same pace at  which the demand for it coming.
“I can tell you we are not enjoying estimated billing’’.
He appealed to the customers to be patient with AEDC.
Fadipe said “the claim by customers that they don’t have light for some time, we will not dispute it.
“The records are there on our data base, if our records show that the customers don’t have light, our responsibility as a company is to expunge that part of which we know that they don’t have light.
“They should not be billed for what they have not consumed.
“However, for some part of Lugbe, we have poor network in some aspect, but we are working on it,’’ he said.
Meanwhile, investigation also reveals that some parts of FCT are also faced with the challenge of estimation billing and low power supply.
These areas include Kubua, Nyanya, and Games Village among others.

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Fidelity Bank Admits Disbursing N264M Diezani Bribe To INEC Staff.

A staff of Fidelity Bank Plc., Mr. Timothy Olaobaju, has told the Federal High Court in Ikoyi, Lagos, that his bank disbursed the sum of N264 million to two officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Christain Nwosu and Isa Olarenwaju Adedoyin, who are currently standing trial for unlawful gratification.

Mr. Olaobaju, who gave testimony as a prosecution witness, told the court on Wednesday that a sum of N115,000,000 was deposited into the bank by different oil companies and some individuals on the instructions of former minister for petroleum, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke.

He stated further that more instructions came from the minister that certain individuals whose names were drafted on a list would come with means of identification and that the money be disbursed to them. He added that the money was converted to naira, totaling N115 billion and distributed across persons from 36 states of the federation.


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US President Trump Receives two Escaped Chibok Girls in White House.

US President Donald Trump received two of the Chibok schoolgirls who escaped from the hands of Boko Haram in 2014 in the Oval Office.
Joy Bishara(20), and Lydia Pogu, (19), met with Trump and first daughter Ivanka Trump at the White ouse. The girls after their escape moved to the United States to complete school.
They were able to attend a boarding school in Virginia, with the help of a Christian nonprofit organization and others. Bishara and Pogu transferred in their senior year and recently graduated from Canyonville Christian Academy. They will be attending Southeastern University in Florida in the fall.

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We Must Protect Ourselves Against Agents of National Destruction, Says Former Military Head of State Yakubu Gowon.

Former military head of state, Yakubu Gowon, has the agents of national destruction fuelling discord in Nigeria must not be allowed to succeed, TheCable report.

He was speaking at a seminar of the Knights of St. John’s International commander 574 in Abuja, Gowon said, pronouncements coming from leaders should be “seasoned” and capable of encouraging the populace works towards the country’s unity.
He said that an aversion to divisive actions and utterances is a mark of godliness and depicts the fear of God.
The military head of state stressed that no nation could develop without peace.
“We should not be found with unguarded statements which do not make for peace and development of the society,” Gowon said.
“Every pronouncement must be seasoned with the capacity to encourage and uplift men to work hard towards the unity, peace and growth of the nation.
“We must show love for each other, shun any divisive actions and utterances. This is the mark of godliness and the fear of God that can make our nation great.”
Gowon said there is a need for the country’s leaders to have the fear of God because.
“We really then need to have a serious appraisal of our actions and prayerfully ask God to forgive us and heal our land,” he said.
“I believe too that under God, we shall leave this meeting with resolutions which will lead our nation back to the path of brotherliness, love, unity, faith, trust and confidence in God and one another as well as re-enacting the cherished virtues that have made nations great to make Nigeria recover her place of pride in that comity of nations.
“There is no gain saying that the church and the people of God are the last hope of the crises-ridden world. To fear God and reverence God is critical to human survival and prosperity. Where there is no fear, there will be no order, anarchy, oppression and poverty would reign. We must guard against all these agents of national destruction.

“These laudable objectives can only be achieved through the fear of God. Our leaders in all sectors must really have the fear of God, be it political leaders, traditional leaders or religious leaders–all Nigerians, without exception must have the fear of God if this nation must achieve national development.”

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Rihanna is In Love With Multi-Billion Saudi Businessman.

Rihanna’s new man is Hassan Jameel, a businessman from one the richest families in the world.

Rihanna who was spotted smooching an unknown man in a Spanish villa earlier this week , has now been revealed that he is Hassan Jameel, whose family owns the rights to sell Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia.
A Reliable Source told The Sun newspaper: “This relationship is the real deal. Rihanna has told friends she’s in love with him and seems completely smitten.
“They’ve been spending a lot of time together away from prying eyes and are really serious. They’re really enjoying each others’ company.”
Meanwhile, the 29-year-old singer previously opened up about being in a relationship.
She said at the time: “Guys need attention. They need that nourishment, that little stroke of the ego that gets them by every now and then. I’ll give it to my family, I’ll give it to my work, but I will not give it to a man right now.”
And Rihanna previously confessed she was “numb” whilst she made her album ‘ANTI’ and couldn’t cope with “all the bulls**t and … all the good s**t”.
She explained: “Looking back to 1 year ago…. I released my most anticipated album to date #ANTi ….When I started making this album I never would have imagined how much of a challenge the process would be.
“I was evolving in the midst of making a body of art that was supposed to reflect who I was in that moment, yet it was the very answer I didn’t have! I was numb for a while…numb to all the bulls**t and numb to all the good s**t. But I was determined not to settle for what everybody thought this should be, or when they thought it should come, or how! I stuck to it until I felt something again!”

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Human Rights Activist, Mrs Ankko Briggs Says, Nigeria Should Split, too Late to Restructure.

Nigerian environmental and human rights activist, Ankko Briggs, on Wednesday spoke against restructuring of the country, saying it was too late, DAILY POST report.
Briggs said, Nigeria should split so that regions can go their separate ways and develop indivisibly.
The outspoken crusader for the Niger Delta stated that restructuring should have been done before the National Conference in 2014.
Briggs said: “Going by the figures, the North is getting over 60 per cent of the total local government allocations and even when we come to the states as well they also receive far more than the Southern states.
“Again, if you go to the National Assembly, they are far more in numbers, especially in the House of Representatives, and so by the time there is a motion or bill, which they are not in support of, ends up being frustrated or not being passed at all.
“A good example is the PIB that had to spent over 10 years in the National Assembly. How can this continue?”
Briggs alleged that the ruling elites wanted to use restructuring to increase revenue allocation to some parts of the country currently agitating, but retain the same form of governance, which has bred institutional injustice in the country.
“For me, calling for restructuring now is too late we want to go our separate ways because you see what they are calling restructuring is not what restructuring is. Restructuring to them is that the status quo should remain and perhaps a little increase in revenue to agitating regions.
“But the real restructuring is when everybody keeps what you have, even if it is only water that you have, and if you can sell it, sell it. Anything apart from that is not restructuring. What is federalism? This is where you have the states, which are the federating units.
“So a federation means that every component is autonomous to itself within that nation. So how can the Federal Government be interested in building hospitals in Abia State or building a university in Rivers State?
“Nigeria is a good example of how impossible to run a government. How can one man alone, who is of a different culture, language, religion run or oversee the rest of the people of over 400 ethnic groups as if he is overseeing his own personal property or estate?
“He cannot do it right because he doesn’t know my culture and so how can he make decisions that will be 100 per cent appealing to me because the things I would put into consideration if I am to make the same decisions will be totally different.
“What we are saying is that someone who doesn’t understand a people cannot make any good decision for them. If this simple conditions are not met, governance will fail and that is what has happened in the real sense, it has failed in Nigeria.
“The then military leadership under General Abdusalami Abubakar had a rare opportunity of gathering Nigerians together to come up with a document meant to be the constitution.
“But it was bungled because what happened was that one man just sat down and made sure that the document was written to favour a particular section of the country and he called it the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
“The Nigerian constitution is the only constitution in the world that tells a lie against itself and its people, when its first sentence says: ‘We the people.’ That statement is a lie. There was never a gathering of any people or group of persons to discuss any constitution.
“Do you also know that the constitution was designed to work against people who are not Muslims as the word Islam, Muslim, Sharia or Mosque was mentioned over 200 times, while the word Christian or Church was never mentioned in the constitution? And you say that same constitution is meant for all of us?”

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Billionaire Kidnapper; Evans Reveals How Much he Has in Bank Account.

Kidnap kingpin, Evans, has said he is not a billionaire,He also reveals how much he has in his bank account, while claiming that he does not make use of his domiciliary account.
According to the Tribune report, the kidnapper, noted that it would be foolishness to carry such monies he collected from his victims to the bank and further revealed that he used his share of the money to buy houses in Nigeria and in Ghana.
“I am not a billionaire.”
“I don’t have money in my bank accounts.
I may have like N20,000 in some, but the kind of money you are expecting to hear are not in the accounts.
“I have [domiciliary account] but I don’t have money in it. It is only somebody who is a fool that would take such huge amount I collect to the bank.
“I don’t have any property in FESTAC. I only have the two Magodo properties in Lagos, and then another two in Accra.
“These are just the properties I have. However, some people have been saying I have houses all over the world. Some said I have house in South Africa, but I don’t.
“It was not only me who took all the money. I had people working for me and I gave them their shares.
“Instead of keeping the money in bank or somewhere else, I used it to buy houses. I have told the police how much I bought the houses.
“I have told them how much I spent in building the one in Ghana.”

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