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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

''Try The New Covenant, Old Testament Laws Can’t Make One’s Life Better'' – Says Paul Adefarasin

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Popular Lagos state Pastor, Paul Adefarasin, who is the senior Pastor of Household on the Rock Cathedral in Lagos, has advised people to try out the new covenant because the law of the Old Testament in the Bible doesn’t work.

In a new post he shared on social media, the clergyman revealed that trying to live by the Old Testament laws can’t make one’s life better.

Sometimes you are breathless, battered, broke and beaten. You’re going through hell and high water and you’ve tried to do everything righteously as was taught from the Old Testament yet, your life doesn’t seem to be turning any better because Friends, the law don’t work. It’s an expired covenant. It no longer works for anybody. You might be needy and helpless, unable to help yourself and robbed of hope but then Jesus Christ shows up.
Have you tried the New Covenant? Have you tried the New Agreement? Have you tried the New Plan? It has better blood. It has better mediation. It has a better Mediator. It’s built on better promises and it has a better Manager, a better Administrator. Have you tried Jesus Christ? He works in every situation, He heals your broken body. He heals your broken man. He heals your broken finances. He heals your broken relationships. He heals your broken promises.
I declare that this day and the rest of the week, as you go out in faith, God will show up in your situation – be made whole in Jesus name.


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